May 14, 2018, Reno, NV. Artificial Intelligence Advancements

New discoveries have been achieved with our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Recalling the foundational basis for the Cyrcadia Health intellectual property and patent filings is five algorithms that analyze tissue temperature and circadian body rhythm disruptions over a time period (dynamic) to identify tissue abnormalities. “Recently, our AI software scientists have made new discoveries that will bring additional value to our users who want to understand their health condition”, says Matt Benardis, CEO.

Advanced data analysis and formula modification has achieved three goals:

  1. The science of ability to locate a tissue liesion abnormality location has now been verified. This means a doctor will know where to start more advanced therapies. Location is significant, as this will allow the physician to focus on a specific area for further investigation. With additional data from our clinical studies, we can advance our tissue knowledge without having to re-engineer our device and sensors.
  2. A new Wellness score can be computed based on metabolic patterns that can be used to begin tracking behaviors on the basis of clinical trial data.
  3. Wear time can now be as little as two hours. Analysis of datasets has detected the same statistical probability in a two hour dataset as in an 8 hour dataset. This means the Circadian disruption is perpetuated throughout the circadian cycle, leaving a detectable “signature”. This signature means the metabolic behavior can be identified for continued observation. Our four clinical trials continue to show the same successful outcomes through our analysis of this thermo-circadian disruption caused by abnormal breast tissue (via morphological and endocrine factors) and the resulting dynamic temperature patterns.

In addition, we have completed the design of an iPhone application to transfer data from our collection device to the AI formulas operating in a cloud database environment.

Our product team and strategic partners are adjusting our product plans to bring these realities into prototype testing and final production approvals. “The team is very energized by these new realities and working very diligently to build operations and customer capabilities to deliver a significantly new value proposition”, says Marly Heidkamp, COO.