Reno, NV May 29, 2018, Cyrcadia Health “B” Warrant Acceleration Option

Based on 2018 Go-To-Market plans, investment infusion is paramount in keeping on track and maintaining our accelerated pace. Our stakeholders have been essential in supporting our march to bring the most advanced Breast Health product to market.

For those stakeholders holding “B” warrants, the warrants will expire December 31, 2018, meaning conversion to shares in the company will no longer be an option, losing all value.

Accordingly, we are offering a “B” Warrant acceleration option effective now until June 30, 2018 allowing our stakeholders to continue to be part of and support the next phase of company operations:

  • “B” Warrant Conversion price: $0.50 per warrant.
  • “E” Warrant Addition: for each “B” Warrant converted to shares on or before June 30, 2018, Cyrcadia, Inc. will offer one (1) “E” warrant for each “B” Warrant converted, with an exercise date of December 31, 2019 at $1.00 per warrant.

“This acceleration option allows our warrant holders to extend their expiration date while supporting our plans with the investment infusion at this time”, says Jim Holmes, CFO. “Warrant holders should note that new investors are investing at $1.00 per share and this acceleration option extends the time to participate in the increased value of the company as we achieve our market and sales milestones”, adds Holmes

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