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Listen to how Dr. Fletcher worked with Cyrcadia technology with a clinical trial participant, Nedra Lindsey. It changed her life. Click on this video and hear the words of both Dr. Fletcher and Nedra Lindsey.

Co-Announcing Film: Detected

We are proud to have co-announced with Emmy nominated Ironbound Films, the release of a documentary about our company, “Detected”, the documentary whose trailer was released at the  South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX in March 2015.  The full length documentary is still in progress.



We thank Ironbound for their special contribution to the Internet of Everything, and Cyrcadia’s upcoming contribution to early breast cancer screening. Stay tuned for the announcement of the full documentary release, date to be determined.


Helping You Stay Strong, Active & Healthy

Talk about multi-tasking!  Worn under your sports bra, during the day or while you sleep, the iTBra’s automated data processing allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle while simultaneously ensuring you have monthly breast exams.  No compression, no radiation; simply smart wearable technology.


Enabling You To Enjoy Life Without Worrying

For women of all ages and tissue types, the iTBra’s home based wellness screening can
automatically deliver accurate results to your health care provider directly and discretely.
Simply… peace of mind.


Your Health Comes First - Be There For Your Family

Personalized breast care specific to you and your family. Family history? Daughter away at college?
Know that your loved ones are checking their breast health through iTBra’s smart device communications and family sharing updates.


Early Detection Technology

The iTBra™ consists of two wearable, comfortable intelligent breast patches which detect circadian temperature changes within breast tissue. Through your PC or mobile device, anonymized data obtained from the iTBra is communicated directly to the Cyrcadia Health core lab for analysis. Developed in conjunction with the world class Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the Cyrcadia Health solution employs machine learning predictive analytic software, a series of algorithms to identify and categorize abnormal circadian patterns in otherwise healthy breast tissue.   Once the data is submitted, Cyrcadia Health will deliver accurate, reproducible and automated results to you and health care providers.



Women with the earliest detection have more treatment options and the best treatment results. Wearing the iTBra for 2 to 12 hours is a comfortable way to have a highly accurate monthly self-breast exam.


Technology & Outcome

The wearable technology embedded in the iTBra™ and the smart phone enabled interface means no pressing, squishing, squashing or radiation to identify circadian patterns within breast cells to keep you, your family and your health care providers informed about your breast health.

Accurate, Accessible, and Affordable Breast Health Monitoring

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Early Detection is KEY

“There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer. But there are things all women can do that might reduce their risk and help increase the odds that if cancer does occur, it will be found at an early, more treatable stage.”

– American Cancer Society

Be Proactive

The National Cancer Institute recommends monthly self-breast exams, yet most cancers are caught a later stages of growth.  With Cyrcadia Health, monthly monitoring can help ensure consistency and provide you and your doctor with more objective information on the health of your breasts.

Revolutionary Wearable Technology

Personalized health care begins with you. Cyrcadia Health’s smart device enabled technology ,which is under development, ensures that you, your family and your health care providers stay informed of your breast health, bridging the gap between raw data and actionable outcomes.

Stay Informed

Understanding the strengths and limitations of all diagnostic screening modalities to detect breast cancer is important. Stay informed, ask questions of your health care providers and get the information you need to make the best choices for your health. Cyrcadia Health empowers each user to proactively manage their own breast health and gain knowledge vital to themselves.


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Years of Advanced Development



Patients Successfully Tested

Accurate & Reliable Breast Health Monitoring System

Women who are interested in ensuring the wellness of their own breast health,

will love this product. It is revolutionary, easy to use, comfortable, and effective for monitoring breast wellness.


See What Many Physicians Have Already Discovered!

Many physicians, who keep up with the latest technologies in breast cancer, have told us that the Cyrcadia Health product will enable their patients to take more control over their own wellness. Give your patients the best opportunity to learn more about the health of their own breasts, as well as delivering objective data to the physician decision matrix.


Core Features

Historical Trial Results

Our iTBra™ technology was successfully tested with over 200 patients, with a trial originating at The Ohio State University. Cyrcadia Health solution demonstrated an 87% correlation to a verified, clinical diagnosis of breast cancer including with those patients with dense breast tissue. The Ohio State University, along with El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA are now undertaking a final 173 patient trial with Cyrcadia.

Core Science

Cyrcadia Health’s technology detects normal circadian cellular baselines, as well as those abnormal patterns associated with the state of cancer.  Earlier patient study results indicate that Cyrcadia Health’s accuracy can exceed 80% and consistently offers improved results over traditional testing methods with patients, especially those whom have dense breast tissue.

Clinical Studies

Cyrcadia Health shows equal results that are improved over today’s “gold standards” in the dense tissue population, which entails over 40% of all women. We are also offering a solution to women, where 70% of this group have biopsies on non-cancerous tissue due to mammographic referral. Our comfortable, non-compressive and non-irradiative approach will help to populate a global core library on phenotype/genotype, and demographic variables contributing to the state of breast cancer research and potential resolution on a worldwide basis.

Together, We Will Gain Control

Early, consistent monitoring for all ages and all tissue types.


Social Media Breast Wellness Monitoring Device

Opt-in, smart device communication allows for family and friends to show they care about your health.



Easy to use, even in your own home and going about your daily routine, an early breast health monitoring system.



No pressing. No pain. No radiation.



Discrete monthly wear anywhere, anytime



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