Cyrcadia Presents at the 5th Mobile Health & Wearable Technology Summit

HTF Innovation Conference

There are two agreed upon facts about breast cancer. First, there is no documented way to prevent breast cancer. Secondly, early cancer detection and treatment greatly improve survival rates.This talk focuses on a new wearable conformable technology designed to advance breast health screening; a smart-device enabled personal screening tool to be utilized as an intelligent monthly breast health exam. For medical practitioners, new patient wearable sensors will provide alerts associated with reduced circadian cellular tissue activity associated with cancer as well as location definition of the suspected lesions. Today, over 70% of all breast biopsies conducted are on non-cancerous tissue.  Cyrcadia strives to reduce unnecessary biopsies by 50% with this new tissue agnostic screening tool.  With over 500 patient trials, and five years of advanced analytic development completed at the prestigious Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, multiple patents have been issued and are pending for Cyrcadia Health’s technology.


Rob Royea,CEO

Cyrcadia Health, Inc.